All about Damaged Lifestyle


Our History

Ashly and I, Lonny Fritch, went out on a limb late in 2011 to open a shop like no other in Northern California. A shop that showed true professionalism and class. A tattoo shop that EVERYONE could feel comfortable walking into. We didn't really know what we were doing and we were scared to death! All we had was a dream and a bunch of goals. Money was a huge factor, being we didn't have any. Our first goal was to open Downtown on Main Street in Vacaville. But there was one problem..There was nothing for rent that met our needs and budget. So we searched for other options. We were turned down by MANY property managers in other locations due to the "Tattoo shop" stereotype. Then one small 1,650sqf spot came available on Main st.  With having discouraging outcomes with other property managers I was sure I was going to be declined by this property manager as well. To my surprise they listened to what I had to say and gave us a chance! Still a little skeptical of a tattoo shop going in their location, they gave us a probationary lease.. If we screwed up one time we were out! I was worried about investing everything we had into a location that was not secure, but that little voice in the back of our head said "with no risk comes no reward" So we went all in! We had one month of no rent to get the shop ready, construction, flooring, lighting, paint, we got going! I worked from 1pm-9pm every day at the shop I was employed by at that time. I got off work and went strait to our new location every day till 4-6 am trying to meet our deadline! Ashly was working and handling EVERYTHING at home with Chance, our 3 years old at the time, working her job and helping with the shop. But we made it happen and opened our doors on March 1st 2012! Our grand opening was an Autism Awareness Fundraiser and It was a huge success! After one year we were presented a 5 year lease with our property manager! That was a huge accomplishment for us and the security we needed to keep moving forward. With every business you are going to have ups and downs and we expected that. We have had some amazing artists come and go and we continue to strive to be the best tattoo shop that we can be. Damaged Lifestyle Tattoo Company is more than just a tattoo shop we are a family! Each and every customer leaves our shop a friend. If it wasn't for the hard work of our family, the support of our customers and the loyalty of all that are involved, we would not have won The Best Tattoo Shop In Solano County four years running. So stay tuned! we have a lot more to come and large goals to continue to reach!

Broken Diamond

The story behind our Broken Diamond Logo 

means soo much to us!  When you look at a

diamond it looks perfect! It seems beautiful

and flawless, but every single diamond has

imperfections. It goes through unimaginable 

pressure and heat to come out how it does.

 In some way we are all flawed, have a 

history and struggle daily. In the end we are

all “Perfectly Damaged”

Damaged Lifestyle

We specialize In a wide variety of styles. From Technical realism to simple traditional styles,  there is nothing that one of our amazing artists cannot accomplish for you!  Please call, e mail or come on down to Damaged Lifestyle Tattoos for any questions. We most likely will be Tattooing, but will always Take the time to talk with customers. The best way to get immediate contact with an artist is to come down to the shop and talk with us in person!. we hope to see you soon.